Albireo Group
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Our Core Competencies

Legal support for Creatives, Artists, and Innovators.

Our years of experience have fully equipped us to develop cutting-edge strategies that foster social change in local and global communities. We are passionate about creating societal sustainability and sparking a public dialogue in a local and global context. We are skilled and experienced in the following core competencies:

Fund Development

We are passionate about fueling the core missions of the organizations we work with, while supporting their ability to build long-term capacity through a combination of strategic marketing, performance measurement, and the identification of reliable revenue streams.

Performance Evaluation

We support the organizations we work with by guiding the design, implementation, management, and review of evaluation systems for various social strategies. We bridge the gap between textbook frameworks and the practical use of monitoring tools. Over the years, we’ve come to understand how powerful the concept of evaluation can be with regards to evidence-based decision-making. Combined with fostering a learning environment ripe for continuous improvement and innovation, this truly is a recipe for success.

Strategic Planning and Visioning

Albireo has spent years developing a solid strategic planning framework that creates an environment where every voice matters and every participant plays a crucial role in decision-making. Through our framework, participants partner up to define priorities, objectives, and tactics that serve as an actionable blueprint to advance the organizations core mission by the agreed-upon deadline.

Facilitation and Community Engagement

In line with our mission to foster input from, and strengthen partnerships with, your stakeholders and community, Albireo is proud to design and execute tailored public engagement opportunities for its clients. With our agenda-setting process in tow, we can lead small to large teams through focus groups, facilitated meetings, and assessments. The goal is to manage intricate interactions and build consensus.

Training and Team Building

Our customized sessions for small and large groups are specifically tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs. We use a deeply-developed and proven training model to facilitate improved capacity-building and skill development among key internal and external groups, such as staff, volunteers, board members, and advocates.

toolkit development

Albireo’s innovative toolkits provides teams with a scalable, actionable tool they can use to invent, adopt, or adapt ideas that deliver better results. Toolkits are becoming increasingly popular as a strategy to translate knowledge within teams and externally to key stakeholders.