Albireo Group
Albireo. Shine Brighter.

Albireo's Story

Facilitating social change and sustainability within communities around the world.

To the naked eye,

Albireo looks no different from any other star in the sky. But - peer in a little closer, and you’ll quickly learn why stargazers far and wide have fallen in love with this stellar sensation. For years, astronomers believed Albireo to be a single star, only later learning that this binary showpiece comprised two stars appearing as one. The Albireo star is famous for its striking contrast between the two star’s colors, one being bright gold and the other a dimmer blue.

This was the inspiration for The Albireo Group, helping leaders and executives of small to medium-sized foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, schools, and academic institutions shine brighter. We understand that our clients have questions. How can I raise money to support my organization’s mission? How can I strategically use research and data to positively influence policies and practices? How can we effectively tell our story to foster trust? How can we strategically engage our partners? Wherever there’s a mystery, Albireo steps in to clear it, shining in the background so you can shine in the foreground. Together, we’re stronger - just like Albireo.


The Albireo Group is a dynamic team of women of color, each of whom are personally invested in (and motivated by) the work of our clients. We care about connecting with the people we work with on a deeper level, turning their pressing issues into lasting solutions. We are proud to develop and execute cutting-edge strategies that foster social change and sustainability within global communities. We are passionate about maximizing the efficacy and capacity of the organizations we serve, igniting social change where it matters most.